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Our Team

Managing Partner

Marcin Zarzycki

Attorney-at-law, Tax Advisor

Managing Partner

Anna Kubicz

Tax Advisor

Managing Partner

Grzegorz Niebudek

Attorney-at-law, Tax Advisor


Daniel Więckowski

Tax Advisor

Managing Partner of LTCA Legal

Bolesław Szyłkajtis


Director of LTCA Academy

Maria Moskała

Training Director

Meet the whole team
Urszula Zielińska

Urszula Zielińska

Tax advisor

e-mail: urszula.zielinska@ltca.pl

Kajetan Kubicz

Senior Associate, Attorney-at-law

e-mail: kajetan.kubicz@ltca.pl

Patrycja Szewczyk

Senior Associate

e-mail: patrycja.szewczyk@ltca.pl

Diana Guzek

Tax advisor

e-mail: diana.guzek@ltca.pl

Agnieszka Fijałkowska

e-mail: agnieszka.fijalkowska@ltca.pl

Urszula Mazurek


e-mail: urszula.mazurek@ltca.pl

Łukasz Jankowski

Tax advisor

e-mail: lukasz.jankowski@ltca.pl

Monika Wnęk

Tax advisor

e-mail: monika.wnek@ltca.pl

Katarzyna Marcinkowska

Legal Advisor

e-mail: katarzyna.marcinkowska@ltca.pl

Krzysztof Senderowicz

Adwokat – Of counsel

e-mail: krzysztof.senderowicz@ltca.pl

Katarzyna Basek

Tax consultant

e-mail: katarzyna.basek@ltca.pl

Tomasz Kraśniewski

Tomasz Kraśniewski

Tax consultant

e-mail: tomasz.krasniewski@ltca.pl

Jakub Orłowski

Jakub Orłowski

Tax consultant

e-mail: jakub.orlowski@ltca.pl

Łukasz Kołodziejczyk

Tax consultant

e-mail: lukasz.kolodziejczyk@ltca.pl

Adam Giedrojć

Adam Giedrojć

Tax consultant

e-mail: adam.giedrojc@ltca.pl

Katarzyna Szyszkowska

Sales Manager

tel.: 535 198 065

e-mail: katarzyna.szyszkowska@ltca.pl

Marcin Pawełczyk

Sales Manager

tel.: 535 195 861

e-mail: marcin.pawelczyk@ltca.pl

Marita Jurczyk

Marita Jurczyk

Project manager

tel.: 535 197 813

e-mail: marita.jurczyk@ltca.pl

Karina Pak

Karina Pak

Sales Specialist

tel.: 570 908 313

e-mail: karina.pak@ltca.pl

Karol Kacprzak

Sales specialist

tel.: 535 356 670

e-mail: karol.kacprzak@ltca.pl

Izabela Filter

Sales Specialist

tel.: 535 354 673

e-mail: izabela.filter@ltca.pl

Małgorzata Sobieraj

Sales Specialist

e-mail: malgorzata.sobieraj@ltca.pl

Marta Pawlik

Sales Specialist

e-mail: marta.pawlik@ltca.pl

Karolina Purchała

On-line training service specialist

tel.: 575 692 694

e-mail: karolina.purchala@ltca.pl

Violeta Nikolaieva

Marketing Manager

e-mail: violeta.nikolaieva@ltca.pl

Malwina Jędrzejewska

Marketing specialist

e-mail: malwina.jedrzejewska@ltca.pl

Aleksandra Markiewicz

Aleksandra Markiewicz

Marketing specialist

e-mail: aleksandra.markiewicz@ltca.pl

Magdalena Kopka

Marketing specialist

e-mail: magdalena.kopka@ltca.pl

Malwina Matkowska

Marketing Assistant

e-mail: malwina.matkowska@ltca.pl

Paulina Godlewska


e-mail: paulina.godlewska@ltca.pl

Klaudia Filipek

Office manager

e-mail: klaudia.filipek@ltca.pl

Marlena Lenda

HR Assistant

e-mail: marlena.lenda@ltca.pl

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About us

Ranking LTCA

LTCA Zarzycki Niebudek Kubicz sp.k. Law Firm specializes in professional legal and tax consultancy for business law entities. We provide services for both Polish and foreign companies, including capital groups and entities listed on the WSE and NewConnect.

Our services are characterized by an individual approach to each client, considering their interests, the specificity of the business as well as legal and tax security.

We are a team of tax advisors, attorneys-at-law, legal advisors and experts in the field of taxes and commercial law.

Our advisors gained professional experience both in public institutions and the private sector, as well as in recognized law firms and audit companies.

Thanks to many years of experience, we provide services of the highest degree of professionalism and provide our clients with fast, comprehensive and effective solutions tailored to their individual needs.

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