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Sławomir Dziudzik

Sławomir Dziudzik

Tax Advisor

Sławek is a tax advisor and expert in the field of income taxes, in particular in the area of personal income tax and tax reliefs (IP BOX / R&D).

He graduated from the Budapest University of Technology in Budapest and in management from the Lazarski University in Warsaw.

He has extensive practice and he’s an expert in the field of tax law. He gained professional experience both as a long-term owner of an accounting office and by cooperating with numerous tax offices.

As part of the LTCA Law Firm, he has participated in numerous tax projects, including the preparation of opinions, applications for tax interpretations and conducting tax audits.

He has also participated in numerous projects in the field of implementing tax reliefs (IP BOX and R&D) both for companies from the IT, manufacturing, food, construction and media sectors, as well as for individuals.

Author of publications in the field of tax law. Experienced trainer in the field of income taxes, VAT and the revenue and expense ledger. Author of an Interactive Course for Keeping the Revenue and Expense Ledger and books on the revenue and expense ledger. Co-author of the commentary to the Tax Ordinance.

Practice areas

Income taxes, in particular personal income tax



Tax reliefs – IP BOX / B+R


Tax audits