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Anna Kubicz
LTCA Transfer Prices

Phone: +48 506 071 669



The Warsaw University – degree in law
District Bar Council in Warsaw – attorney apprenticeship


Professional experience:


Anna is an expert on transfer prices. Since 2011, she has been cooperating with entities offering legal and tax services to enterprises. She gained her experience advising on business transactions in terms of their legal outcomes, income tax and VAT consequences.


She provides consulting mostly in the area of income taxes, with particular focus on transfer prices for domestic and international enterprises. She is experienced in consulting on the design and implementation of transfer prices, business restructuring, documentation of transfer prices; organizes courses and training on transfer prices.

She has managed various projects on transfer prices, covering, among others:

  • Planning and implementation of transfer prices policies in capital groups.
  • Comprehensive documentation of transaction flows in capital groups, including support on the evidencing of provision of services.
  • Appraisals of goods and services transactions concluded by affiliated entities.
  • Reviews of tax documentation of companies for their compliance with tax regulations.
  • Preparation of transfer prices documentation and the master file and local file documentation according to the legislative changes implemented as of 1 January 2017.
  • Drawing up comparative analyses.

She has a wealth of experience on preparing transfer prices documentation for customers representing the sectors of construction and real estate development, media, hospitality, metallurgy, insurance, IT and marketing. She has advised businesses on benefits that can be achieved through properly implemented transfer price policy and the risk tied to the application of non-market prices.


She is fluent in English.


Areas of practice:

  • Corporate income tax

  • Drawing up transfer prices documentation

  • Benchmark analyses

  • Transfer price policy, setting internal rules for settlement of intra-group transactions.

  • Appraisals of goods and services transactions.

  • Training activity.

Most recent projects


  1. Supervision over the preparation of transfer prices documentation (local file, master file, benchmark analyses) for capital groups from the construction, IT, real estate, pharmaceuticals and automotive sectors.

  2. Drafting of internal procedures regarding documentation of transaction flows in capital groups, including support on the evidencing of provision of services.

  3. Drafting the rules for settlement, including the method for calculation and the market level of prices.

Ceny transferowe - zmiany 2017 r.

Zapoznaj sięz rewolucyjnymi zmianami w zakresie cen transferowych!

Termin na sporządzenie dokumentacji za 2017 r.

Już 31 marca 2018 r. upływa termin na sporządzenie dokumentacji cen transferowych za 2017 r.

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